D’s Two Cents

Hey America,

It’s me, Loquacious D. Up in Canada … Look up … waaaay up … just off to the right a bit …

Anyhoo. So, wow. Next Tuesday’s The BIG Day. And it’s getting pretty intense, hey?

And I’m sure you’ve been getting advice and opinions left, right and centre from lots of non-Americans. But the blogosphere’s a fairly free place, right? So here’s my two cents as you guys enter the home stretch.

I envy the decison you’re about to make. And yet I don’t. 

I’m envious, because this election is probably the most important one in a generation. And did you know you guys are on your way to having THE highest voter turnout in history? Dang.

Take it from someone who lives in a country one-tenth the size of yours, which just had its own election (yes, we have them, too) with the LOWEST voter turnout on record. Compared to ours, yours is a BIG deal.

I mean, where my parents come from, people still DIE if they’re supporting the “wrong” candidate or party. So seeing the democratic process at work – even if it’s in a week in advance – is actually impressive.

That being said, here’s why I don’t envy you: 

Depending on which part of the political playground you choose to hang out, whomever is picked could be potentially polarizing. I mean, I can NOT remember the last time so many people on BOTH sides of the spectrum said, “______ ______ really scares me”, when talking about a political candidate they’re diametrically opposed to, during an election campaign. 

(It could also mean I either have a poor memory – which is bad, since I’m still playing the “young” card – or adult ADD.) 

It could get REALLY ugly. And this makes me worried. But I’m hoping for your sakes that it doesn’t.

Yes, us non-Americans know fully well that you guys are the ones who are voting. Just don’t hate the rest of us for giving our thoughts. We’re not trying to meddle. It’s ’cause we (“we” meaning decent, well-meaning individuals) actually DO care. What happens to you guys affects every last one of us, whether you believe/like it or not.

But no matter what side of the fence you’re on, or even if you’re sitting on it, please do these kids a favour and heed their advice: 

Just do what you gotta do.

And good luck.

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