Back Already?

Hey guys!

Last night, I had the strangest dream …

Apparently I joined a tour group which raced through 6 European countries in about a week and a half … it was a blur of castles, churches, crazy colourful currency and cool people.

Oh, wait – that actually happened.

Yes, I’m back. I flew home yesterday from Munich.

Well, I did – my luggage didn’t. I’m still debating whether I now have a good reason to dislike Lufthansa. (I suppose that depends on whether my backpack is actually found, and how long it takes for them to get it back to me. I want my clothes back!)

In any case, while I recover from my jet lag and prepare to go back to work tomorrow (I’m currently curling my lip in distaste), I will and get you up to speed on what actually happened to me while I was out of the country. I’m aiming for one entry a day; it might be once every two or three days or so. 

Pictures to accompany said stories won’t be up for probably another week or so, since I have about 600 to sort through, and then upload to my computer. You’ll have to use your imagination in the meantime.

Be back again soon …


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