It’s Time.

Boys and girls, it’s that time once again.

Vacation time. And you know what that means.

In just under an hour I’m getting to the airport, and in about four hours’ time I’ll be flying the hell out of the country …

And on my way to do a 10-day, breakneck, organized tour of Prague, Krakow, Budapest, Vienna and Munich (where I will have an extra day to myself after that, to GET SOME SLEEP and try and process what I just saw).

Don’t ask me why, but even though I won’t be alone the entire time, I’m nervous. I suppose it’s a combination of excitement and anxiety (mostly about getting to the hotel in Prague in one piece without getting lost or pickpocketed. Yes, I’m neurotic. But that’s what you love about me 🙂 ).

I’m not sure when I’ll get near a computer next, but I’ll try to write about my travels at least a couple times over the next two weeks. Promise.

And if you don’t hear from me, it’ll probably be because I met some handsome European dude and I decided never to come back.


Will write again soon.


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