Apologies to any of my friends who’ve heard me yammer on about this in the last couple of days …

But looks like I’ll be going on my whirlwind romp after all.

I strolled into the travel agency near my workplace Monday morning looking for last-minute deals …

And walked out, signed up for an organized tour.

I admit, I was wrinkling my nose about it at first. And I really got hooped by the price of the airfare.

But I no longer care. Since I got my confirmation this morning, the feeling of dread has been replaced by the feeling of relief that everything’s pretty much taken care of, for the first time in about three weeks.

I’m apparently going to be bunking with two other people. I hope they’re nice and not clique-y.

(God, is this what it’s like when your parents send you away to camp as a kid? I somehow successfully missed that stage.)

But anyway … 

Time to stop floating on cloud nine, and start making a list and getting stuff done. I’ve got just under two weeks.

2 thoughts on “Eureka.

  1. dicampbell says:

    I was hoping to reveal that when I’m actually over there, but I’m going on a 10-day tour of Prague, Budapest, Krakow, Vienna and Munich, with brief stops in Bratislava and Salzburg. Should be fun, once I get myself organized …

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