No Particular Place To Go?

So, it’s a dark and stormy night …

And instead of sitting down and thinking about the meeting I’m going to have with my boss on Thursday about my job and career objectives for the next year …

I’m on (and off) The Facebook and dreaming about vacation.

Actually, correction: kinda getting nervous about vacation. Like, reeeally kinda nervous. And panicky.

Several months ago, a good friend (also a lover of travel) and I had been talking and making plans about heading to Central Europe for a whirlwind romp through six or seven cities.

It could have been The Trip That Rivalled Spain.

But as misfortune would have it, my poor friend has had to scale back her plans, due to circumstances beyond her control. It was in no way intentional. So because I didn’t really have any backup plans for this summer, I’ve been half-frantically trying to cook up a Plan B.

My immediate first option – a cool eight-day tour through Croatia, followed by a few days in Prague – was pretty much given the kibosh because of the astronomically high round-trip airfare to Prague alone. (Damn oil prices and exorbitant fees and taxes.) Getting to Dubrovnik would’ve been the cheap and easy leg of the trip.

So much for Black Girl Meets the Adriatic.

So right now I’m at a loss. I’m not really feeling another trip to London – I did it twice. I could aim for Paris, but – call me crazy – I’m not in a Paris frame of mind yet. I’m not yet keen on going to the Caribbean because it’s rainy season, which means when it’s not stormy, it’ll be unbearably hot and humid, and the mosquitoes will have a field day.

I know, I know – beggars like me shouldn’t be choosers. But I just want to have fun – even if I go away somewhere for a week and spend one week in town. It would be better than absolutely nothing.

I’m currently 20 days away, with no “Eureka!” moment yet in sight. A workmate and friend of mine have been kind enough to suggest me going to a travel agent and asking what their last-minute deals are.

Considering it would be probably during the busiest two-week period of the summer, I’m uneasy about what the results might be.

But I hope I find a solution  – and fast. I do NOT want to spend my time grumbling and wallowing in my own self-pity … especially when there are other people out there who have to work like horses during that time, and would probably KILL me for my time.

And hey – help a sista out by tossing out any ideas you might have for locales you visited last-minute – maybe it was the trip that ended up being a pleasant surprise. Lord knows I’m going to need one in about two weeks.

Stay tuned.

One thought on “No Particular Place To Go?

  1. Thats so weird…I spent a good chunk of the afternoon yesterday looking at a possible vacation too! I really need to get away for a few days. Thinking it might be too expensive for anything last minute in Europe, I was grudgingly looking at all-inclusives in the islands. They are apparently made for couples and families! UGH. So I’m at the same spot as you- want to get away, but where??!

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