The Dap = True Love

Now THAT’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout.

Sure, Barack Obama clinching the Democratic presidential nomination last week caused the hairs on my neck to stand up on end, in a good way.

But seeing the above picture on the big night in question made me positively giddy, and reinforces why I think the Obamas are awesome.

This shows they’re a team … they support each other … and, well, they’re cool.

You know how everyone has dealbreakers when it comes to what they look for in potential mates?

For me, the dap is a potential dealmaker.

Seriously. If you can dap or high-five me in everyday interaction and not feel ashamed, consider yourself on my list.

It just might be on like Donkey Kong.

(Just do me a favour: please don’t call it a fist bump, or a knuckle bump, or whatever. That’s what unhip people in my industry call it. If you do it by accident the first time, I’ll let it slide. But do it again, and we’re strangers.)


3 thoughts on “The Dap = True Love

  1. You know, there was an article in the paper (yesterday?) about all these uber-hot female celebrities who dig him.

    Twenty bucks says we hear he’s having an affair within the next four years. 😛

    I mean, Clinton and Kennedy were Democrats, too…

    (Dap? I thought it was pounding or something…but, then again, I’m totally unhip.)

  2. dicampbell says:

    That would sad and yet funny at once. For now I keep hope alive that he keeps it in his pants if he makes it into the White House.

    And the dap? Nah, man – not pounding. Ask Dan Meisener – he’s all about the dap.

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