Loquacious High Five, Houda Nonoo!

Here’s something that caught my eye …

Last week, the king of Bahrain made a relatively progressive move.

The lady you see to the left – Houda Nonoo – was appointed to be the tiny Arab kingdom’s next ambassador to the United States.

No big deal, right? Except that this businesswoman is now:

(a) the first woman appointed to the job, and
(b) possibly the first Jewish ambassador in the entire Arab world.

Nonoo – when she’s not doing business, dividing her time between London and Bahrain – is also the first Jewish woman to head the Bahrain Human Rights Watch Society (not affiliated with Human Rights Watch).

Now, Bahrain  – a pro-Western nation sitting in the waters between Qatar and Saudi Arabia – is not without its issues. It presently doesn’t have diplomatic relations with Israel.

But in a nation of half a million people -where Jewish citizens presently number only 50 – this news ain’t too shabby. It’s definitely a start.

Big deal, for real. And it’s about time.


You can read all about it right here for yourself.



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