Yes, He Can

Just taking some time out from my awesome week and so far fantastic weekend to post something completely random …

One of my favourite shows – when I’m sitting at home long enough to watch a show – is So You Think You Can Dance? No, not Dancing With The Stars. The other dance show. With real people trying to make it in the dance business. (Don’t judge me.)

The new season just started, with Episode 1 showing the first round of auditions for would-be competitors.

The dancer below – this popper/contortionist dude named Robert Muraine – is, as the kids say, sick. Like, ridiculously sick. He’s about five steps away from ridonkulous, in the best way possible.

If I could encapsculate the good mood I’ve been in all week, maybe (just maybe) it would approximate what I felt by watching this guy.

Have a gander at the man they call Mr. Fantastic.

I hope you watched the entire thing. I have now watched this three times, including when I found it this evening on YouTube. And this just. Keeps. Getting. BETTER.

If you were a bad mood and are still in one by the time you finished watching this clip, you have a cold heart and no soul.

To quote judge Mia Michaels:


Indeed. Honourary Loquacious High Five, my man.


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