Still Alive …

I just wanted to apologize for the erratic posting lately.

Mainly it’s been work. Partly it’s been other things.

Right now, it’s me, physically. I’m now convinced my body is conspiring against me. Particularly on long weekends where there’s the potential to skip town for the opportunity to have a little change of scenery.

I should be wandering around St. Jacobs right now with friends. Instead I’m at home because of some sort of intestinal thing. (Don’t ask – I’ve no clue what it is. And don’t tell me how I’m always sick, either. I don’t want to hear it.)

Hopefully this clears up and allows me at least one day of this long weekend. But for the moment, happy Victoria Day weekend to those of my Canadian buddies, readers and fellow bloggers reading this … or not, if you’re smart enough to get out of your houses. Flee!

I’ll try and write something – or a couple of somethings – very soon.

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