Under the Weather … During Great Weather

Talk about getting a payback from Karma.

ALL WEEK I’d been looking forward to today – Friday – which I had asked to have off from work. I was planning to ride the bus up to Ottawa to see my friend Melissa. And the added bonus was going to be the spectacular weather we’ve been having today in the city.

But then my dad got sick.

No big deal, right? Nope.

By Wednesday the cold had been spread to my mom – who NEVER gets sick. By Thursday, she was confined to her bed with a whopping headache and vomiting, among other things. My brother also came down with something. And when I’d gotten up that morning, I had a really dry throat and an itchy ear – not a good sign. So during my travels to the gym, I stopped off at the drug store and got probably the only bottle of Cold FX left on the shelf that was under $30.

End of story, right? Wrong.

Apparenly the regular-strength stuff doesn’t work. So when I got up at 5:30 this morning, my scratchy throat had gotten worse, and I was beginning to get a little stuffy.

So while everyone has been out in droves all over the place today in shirt-sleeves and skirts, at work, on patios, biking, whatever – I’ve been trapped in my house in my pyjama bottoms instead of in Ottawa with my friend, and probably going to a housewarming party right about now.

(Or – if I wasn’t planning to go to Ottawa – I’d be with my posse downtown, preparing to partake in some April antics.)

What a way to start off the first fantastic day so far this spring.


Okay, whine-fest over. If I have the motivation, I’ll try and post some more over the weekend.


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