The Quest for Wellies

April showers bring May flowers.

Or so the saying goes.

This year, I want to add a new accessory to my rainy-day arsenal.

Rain boots.

That’s right. Wellies. Galoshes. Gum boots.

And not plain old black or yellow ones, either. Girly ones with good treads, a little heel and a kick-ass pattern.

Weird that a grown woman wants rain boots? But, no. Because I’ve seen other women my age taking on wet pavements, dirty residual snow and muddy patches while being able to look cute doing it.

And it’s causing me to break the Tenth Commandment.

So to fix this matter and right myself as a person, I’m on a quest to silence the little sinner in me by finding my own pair of cute wellies – not just for style’s sake, but to save the grotty pairs of street shoes I own from ruin by rain.

Last week, I took an informal survey of friends on The Facebook of where I could find said rubber beauties, and have been scouting ’round ever since.

No luck, so far. Sears and the Bay sell them, but for between $50 and $60 a pair.

(Um, NO. They’re for rain, not the next flood.)

Payless doesn’t sell them in Canada. (What? Apparently useful footwear isn’t a big seller?)

Wal-Mart’s selection in patterns is shitty and smelly. Urban Outfitters doesn’t sell them in their stores (only online). Neither does H & M. Nor the Gap. Not even Aldo or Town Shoes. Or Soft Moc.

I even went to Mark’s Work Wearhouse and the Canadian Tire downtown. The former has yellow boots with turtles or blue ones with anchors on them for $40. The latter’s cute baby blue model- complete with useless strap on the outside – only came in size 7s. All eight pairs of them sitting on the shelf.

(I can only imagine who decided to order overstock in size sevens … “Yeah, Herb – can we make sure we get nineteen pairs of size 7 boots? We had a bunch of Stepford Wives in here the other day when we were understocked – and it wasn’t pretty.”) 

Which brings me to where I am now. I am still wellie-less and this close to calling upon the Almighty Target‘s online Web site to deliver me a pair, even though I can’t even try them on to make sure they’re the right size until I get them in the mail.

Why? Because they have 80 pairs of boots, in almost every style imaginable. EIGHTY.

I didn’t even know they had a monopoly on the rain boot market. Or that THAT many American girls and women are running around wearing cute rain boots.

… There I go coveting again. That’s gotta stop.

In the meantime, if anyone’s got any new suggestions for where to shop – that might involve me actually being able to try some rain boots on – I’d appreciate it. Fire away.

Update: I did finally find a pair of rainboots  last November. I had to resign myself to paying more for them than I originally planned. But damn, if they’re not cute.

11 thoughts on “The Quest for Wellies

  1. Tanya O says:

    Ha! I was out on the weekend looking for rain boots, too. WalMart’s selection is indeed crappy. What’s with the scary Guns and Roses boots? Can you imagine going to work in those?!?! I’ll keep looking, I’ll let you know if I find the holy grail of rainy footwear!

  2. dicampbell says:

    You saw those, too? Yeeeesh! And they stiiiink – must be some sort of low-grade rubber they’re using to make those things – I could sniff those suckers from half-way down the aisle!

    Definitely keep me posted! I think I’m going to look at The Shoe Company before I call off the physical search entirely.

    (Man, shopping online at Target is looking better and better …)

  3. Laura says:

    Hey just listed a bunch of cute new rain boots for 18.99-19.99. They have some really great patterns and even some with a wedge heel!!!Good luck!

  4. dicampbell says:

    No, it’s not – I looked into that when I was cruising around Target’s Web site several months ago.

    I’m not really in a rush now, as it’s September. But probably the best thing to do is find a friend who happens to be going to the States and beg and plead with them to find me a pair – or wait until I get a chance to do some cross-border shopping myself!

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