Earlier this afternoon at work, I was asked to run off and help with some news piece for the program I work for.

So off I trudged, a bit reluctantly. I did all the perfunctory things to prepare the videotape. And then I went off to this special room, where they take the items and put it into a special digital server.

The protocol is, you have to fill out a form to let the operators in this room know what it is, how much you want put into this server, etc.

Because of the amount of traffic I know goes through there, I grab a pen and a form, go down the hall, do my business, and then return and drop off the tape.

So I strode into the room, grabbed a pen and a form, and proceeded to turn and run smack into one of the reporters for our local news show.

Which wouldn’t be a big deal.

Except that his religion doesn’t permit him to shake hands with women.

(I only know this because I met him a few years ago, when he was interning in another unit and was introduced to him. When I extended my hand to shake his, you could say he left me hanging. Heh … erm …)

So imagine me not just bumping into the guy – my mouth crashing into the right shoulder pad of his blazer …

But simultaneously apologizing, accidentally grabbing his arm to both prevent myself from falling over and also to try and steer away from him … and then realizing my faux-pas, instantly pulling my hands away as if I touched a red-hot poker, and apologizing even more profusely because I probably managed to insult every one of his sensibilities … in about five seconds.

And then fleeing the scene like a jackrabbit from a carrot patch. (‘Cause I still had to get stuff done, y’know?)

This happened 40 minutes before I wrote this, and I’m still mortified.

I know I should shake it off. But I’m the type of person who tries to respect people’s beliefs. So if I feel as if I may have offended someone, I’m quite self-conscious about it.

I’ve actually contemplated e-mailing him to apologize, since trying to track him down in person would probably be an idiotic idea. But maybe even e-mailing him is probably psycho and just as idiotic.

Maybe I should just leave it alone.

Either way, I haven’t left my desk since it happened.  *sigh*

Welcome to the ongoing sitcom that is my life.

End. Scene.

(And yes, I can hear you laughing.)


2 thoughts on “Mortified.

  1. Julie says:

    oh NO!
    ahhhh.. i know exactly how you feel. well, i haven’t exactly experienced this exact scenario – but still, we’ve all had those face-reddening incidents.
    don’t e-mail. (unless you already did! haha) i’m sure it was partly his fault anyway.. these embarrassing moments usually go both ways, and he was probably feeling a little foolish too.

  2. stine says:

    let it be! don’t e-mail. i’m sure he understands it was an accident.
    it’s embarassing but happens to everyone at some point – me, well, almost daily!

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