Lumpy Ladies Like Wrap Dresses, Too

Dear Esprit,

Let me just say, I do like your store very much.

But I had a problem which I hope you could one day address.

A few nights ago, I was in one of your stores downtown, desperately in need of a little retail therapy after a long week.

As I eyed rack after rack of stylish blouses, tees and skirts, I thought to myself, I must try and find myself a cute little wrap dress. Because frankly Esprit, I’d been feeling a little frumpy as of late.

So I went to your new collection and saw this one little number in burnt orange.

Orange! Ooooh! I LOVE orange. And I thought I just might be able to pull it off.

Not really knowing what size I might be, I pulled what was probably a medium or a large off the rack. Because your sizes tend to be, shall we say, a bit petite.

So I went in and tried it on. When I came out of the dressing room to face the mirror directly in front of me … well, I wasn’t pleased.

No, it wasn’t the neckline. Or the pinched pleating around my shoulders. It was – well, the dress. Forget anxiety about visible panty line – try visible wrap-dress line. And that was only one of the problems.

The sales associate helping me voiced what I was thinking, but was also kind enough to suggest that maybe I just needed to try it again in a smaller size.

So I repeated my changeroom exercise and came back out. Still. Not. Right.

I felt like a dude with a boxy physique trying to find a sassy outfit for his cross-dressing night out on the town. Or Halloween.

This brings me to my question:

Seriously, do you just design for 22-year-old, flat-bummed, no-hipped Asian girls or what? (No offense to flat-bummed, no-hipped Asian girls.)

I may not be 22 (although if I tried hard enough, I’m sure I could pass for 25). And I may not be flat on all sides. But why should I be denied a nice, head-turning wrap dress?

Sure, the sales associate was, again, gracious enough to find me another dress in another style. But it was brown and made me look like Mary Poppins with a camisole.

(And another thing: Who wears brown in the spring?? And I’m already brown. The last time I wore a brown dress, I was a Brownie.)

So please, Esprit. I’ve seen the models you use in your online shops – they could be my age, so I know you don’t just cater to the kids. But show those of us with the lumpy lady bits some love with your stretch and rayon numbers. We need a little retail love, too.


Loquacious D

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