Where There’s Snow …

… There’s the Kensington Urban Snowpark.

While most of us spent February:

(a) cursing the gods, stumbling and grumbling through the cold, snow, windchill, sleet and God-knows-what-else in nine layers of clothing to and from work, etc.,

(b) shovelling our driveways and sidewalks, while inwardly cursing the aforementioned gods, or 

(c) fed up with the horrid weather, electing to flee the True North for sandy beaches down south

a friend of mine and his three roommates

(d) built their own snow ramp. From the roof of their house, onto their back deck. While relatively sober. 

I’d heard my friend talk about building this when winter hit, months ago … but I didn’t take him seriously

So imagine my surprise when, while last night on The Facebook, two of my friends mentioned they heard he’d constructed the mythical ramp of which he previously spoke.

“What?” I thought to myself. So I paid a visit over to his profile and discovered this video, which nearly made me fall off my chair.

The video was even posted on Torontoist yesterday.

Apparently the ramp’s melted, but if they get enough snow from what’s fallen between last night and today, they might repair it. 

Yes, it’s official: some of my friends ARE crazy.

(Even though I question their sanity, I do not question their use of the song “Final Countdown” as the soundtrack to this nutty video. Nice touch, guys.)


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