Stuff Loquacious D Likes

No matter what their colour or culture, people like to poke fun at themselves. The real challenge is whether people will get it.

Over the last week, I’ve stumbled these sites – most are funny; one is even informative. I’d say all are fairly well-written If you’re really bored, consider:

Stuff White People Like. No, I’m not kidding – that’s what the site’s called. And the attention it’s gotten since it started a couple months ago is so much, it’s practically viral. (And I’m only two and a half weeks late on the “fad” train!)

It’s written by two white dudes (seriously, do you think anyone else would be nuts enough to do this?), one of whom sounds like he might be from Toronto, and they basically spoof on things that, yes, probably everyone goes through, or has interests in … but they seem like something a liberal, middle-class white person might do (even though there are people who are exceptions to the rule).

I know the non-white people who’ve found it, have found it hilarious. And a lot of the blog’s white readers who’ve stumbled upon the site like it, too. But I think I like reading the comments more than the actual posts – it shows you what people are – or aren’t – thinking. There’s definitely a dialogue going on. You can tell the earnest commenters from the ones who are just jerks trying to stir shit up.

Perhaps – as some commenters say – this blog will be played out in about six months. But for the moment, it’s going strong.

Stuff Black People Love. Several people leaving comments on Stuff White People Like said, “Hey, what would happen if someone came up with the equivalent of Stuff White People Like, but for black people?”

Well, someone posted this blog site’s address, but as it turns out, it’s not what you’d expect. It’s in its infancy, but the person running this site decided to take the high road and not make it a response to the SWPL site. Instead, they’re focusing on black popular culture, particularly in the U. S. and, they say, they’ll showcase artists, websites, blogs, etc. Okay, maybe this isn’t under the “funny” column, but I thought this site could definitely prove really informative as the blog develops.  

Stuff Educated Black People Like. I suspect this is the site that’s either supposed to be the answer – or the copycat site – to SWPL. I get the references so I think it’s funny.

Angry Chinese Driver. I found this guy through one of his comments on a SWPL post. Sorry for you non-Torontonians or non-Canadians, but this is definitely a Toronto-centric Web site, started by a young dude who’s a first-year student at York University. There’s the stereotype out there that Chinese drivers are bad drivers. Angry Chinese Driver says he’s the complete opposite, an exception to the rule. Most of his blog is driving-related (although, he says, exception will be made for his rants fighting the good fight against the inappropriate use of grammar).

In short, despite the titles of these blogs, they deal with things everyone has experienced. If you can see that, this makes some of the posts on these ring so true, you can’t help but laugh – or take note. Enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Stuff Loquacious D Likes

  1. Jacen says:

    I found this one to be the most entertaining (and angry) of all:

    The writer definitely needs a hug.

  2. dicampbell says:

    OMG. This guy is so angry.

    I’d definitely give him a hug – but I’d be afraid he might give me a bone-crusher.

    Or bite me.

  3. Glad to see that a fellow Torontonian enjoys my stuff! Local support is always the best. 😀

    But I beg to differ on your thoughts that one of the SWPL writers is from here…to me, it seems like they’re from the Bay Area or maybe New York…young liberal yuppies. Canadians don’t really care about Democrats and Republicans that much, to us they’re both conservatives.

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