Strange February Dreams

I’ve been having weird dreams again.

Last night, I had a couple of incomplete ones.

Dream # 1: I dreamed I was at some sort of meeting … only it was in a room akin to either a really large classroom, or a small-ish auditorium.

I don’t remember much about this one, except that a lot of people were present – I suppose it was some sort of seminar – and I was talking to this one fellow I seemed to know, but whom I couldn’t place.

Thinking about it this morning after I’d gotten up, he kind of reminded me of this person I used to work with, who passed away a couple years ago. This in itself is kind of creepy, so I won’t go any further than this.

Dream # 2: I’m in the mall, because one of the big stores is having a sale on jeans. But on the way to the sale, I stop in at a store to try something on … and somehow forget to put my shirt back on, and leave it behind. Strangely enough, I am aware enough to shield my chest. (With what, I don’t remember. My handbag, perhaps?)

So essentially, I get to the store with the jeans sale, completely clothed from the waist down, shielding my naked torso with the nearest shirt I grabbed from the rack …  all while simutaneously thinking:

(1) I really want to find a good pair of jeans on sale, and

(2) that my bare back is starting to get really chilly from the draughty air, and that I should really find the nearest changeroom and put on the shirt I’m holding over my chest.

And I remember thinking these things without being particularly panicked.

So, yeah. I should really start depriving myself of sleep again.

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