Eight Billion Bytes

So after talking a lot of smack, resisting the flashy ads and buying the competitor’s product, only to have it completely cack out on me just over a year later …

I broke down and bought an iPod late last week.

Not just any iPod. The pretty, shiny 8 GB iPod Nano with video. And it’s a nice shade of metallic blue.

Yes, I am a hypocrite. But I am now a hypocrite with an MP3 player that works.

So – as is expected in the honeymoon phase of buying a new iPod – I am obsessed with loading music onto it. Not just the music I already own, but music that I’ve always wanted, but didn’t want to shell out between $14 and $26 for the CDs.

I got a $100 gift card from my brother for Christmas, which was the impetus for buying the Nano in the first place. No word of a lie, but the day after my birthday – which was when I bought the iPod – I started using the card … and I burned through that sucker like a match through gasoline-soaked rags. I had 44 cents’ credit remaining about two days later.

That since has evaporated. And the hunger is just growing.

I’ve loaded a few of my CDs on it. But iTunes just keeps calling my name. And calling. And saying, “Hey – that band on that late-night TV show is catchy. Vampire Weekend, hey? Hmmm. Let’s go to iTunes and see if they have it.”

And before you can say “Audiobook”, I’ve clicked on another 5 or 7 songs and charged them to my credit card.

I know I can’t keep doing this. So if anyone knows of a bunch of virus-free sites where I can download some music fo’ free, please lemme know. Because I’m starting to fail at this “gotta be frugal” thing already, and this month’s barely three days old.

4 thoughts on “Eight Billion Bytes

  1. stine says:

    i admit that i was sucked into iTunes as well… it’s so easy and 99 cents doesn’t seem like much… until suddenly you’re at 100 songs!

  2. do you know how to use torrents?

    if you google it and download the utorrent software, everything should be self-explanatory. i’ve picked it up recently and i’m loving it.

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