The Monthly Date Quota

black-book.jpgSo, while out last night with friends, two of my friends declared that this year would be the one in which they were going to date more – or just go out on dates, period.

And then they turned on me.

One of my friends – a blonde who, in my opinion, doesn’ t have a problem with guys, period – said, “I challenge you to go on ONE date a month.”

She extended her hand as if to seal a bet.

“What?” I replied, half-laughing. “You DO know that I’m lucky if I fill my one-date quota for the year, right? That’s impossible.”

“Oh, you’ll do it!” my dark-haired friend chimed in. “Just get online!”

“Pssssssp!” I scoffed.  

“Just think of them as practice dates,” she replied.

I still wasn’t convinced, but I ended up shaking hands with them anyway.

“All riii-iight,” I said in a sing-song voice. “But I still say it’s not gonna happen.”

After a moment, I asked, “So what happens if I don’t fill my date quota for the month?”

My friends looked at each other, and then Friend #2 replied with a grin, “Then we find a date for you.”

Honestly, I’m tempted NOT to even try this month. Chances are who they cough up would probably end up being way better than whomever I end up choosing – or not choosing, as might be more likely.

Meh. Maybe I’ll sign up with Lavalife in March.

Or not.

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