Loquacious High Five, Mark Malkoff!

I’m not going to lie, but sometimes I’ve wondered what it would be like to have a bedroom or living room furnished right out of the pages of the IKEA catalogue (page 171 or page 103, respectively).

 Well, this morning I read about this one guy from New York who is living the dream – for ikea-set.jpgfree!

His name’s Mark Malkoff, and he’s a comedian and filmmaker who unfortunately is having his tiny apartment fumigated for cockroaches.

He ruled out staying with friends – who have equally tiny apartments – or staying in a hotel (which would cost an arm and a leg).

So he thought up a creative third option: three weeks ago, he called up the IKEA in suburban New Jersey and asked if he could crash at their store for the week (since, well, most of the stuff in his apartment is IKEA, anyway).

And they – being fans of some previous work he did – said yes.

All reservations about free corporate advertising aside: How awesome IS that?

So yesterday morning, he moved into IKEA with two suitcases of personal belongings into one of the bedroom sets, where he’ll stay until Saturday at midnight.

And he’s got lots of activities planned, which is being documented by a film crew and uploaded onto his Web site in episodes.

So, despite what his wife – embarrassed and staying with relatives in upstate New York -thinks about all this, I’m giving Mark Malkoff my first Loquacious High Five of the week, nay, of the year

‘Cause anyone who not only can move into a furniture store for a week, but can score a gift basket when he shows up, is my hero.


And if you want to see how Mark lives the good life at Ikea this week, you can check it here.

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