That Microwave Thing

Insignificant pondering of the day:

I guess I only started observing this about six or seven months ago … but I’ve started noticing how at work – and at home, since my brother also does this – some people will use the microwave and then, if they’ve decided that whatever they’re heating up is warm enough, they will, instead of resetting the timer, leave whatever time remains on the time for the next user.

I’m not sure where or why this started. Maybe it’s a sort of energy-saving measure, I don’t know. If it’s just out of courtesy, it’s a nice one.

But here’s what I don’t understand:

What’s up with the people who use the microwave, and then in the process of doing the aforementioned gesture leave, like, seven seconds on the clock?

What on earth can you heat up in seven seconds?

This doesn’t really peeve me so much as leave me scratching my head.

If it’s less than 15 seconds, is it really worth it? Shouldn’t you just clear the clock?

I’m not bitching. Just wondering.


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