Ah, Winter … And A Random Question

So winter is finally here.

And boy, is it EVER miserable.

Normally I would complain with some caution, seeing as I’d probably catch an earful from friends living in other parts of the province and country. But since Mother Nature seems to have doled out an across-the-board can of whoop-ass, I feel a bit justified in doing so, since the weather has been consistently bad, from west coast to east, all day.

I know it’s expected this time of year, when we’re now so close to the holidays. But everytime we get the white (or the wet) stuff, I automatically get this urge to do Reader’s Digest-y type stuff. Like baking mounds of food. Or crocheting mountains of scarves, hats and afghans. I think the only thing stopping me is the lack of time on my hands.

But really, I would just love if, after Christmas dies down, if I could just hibernate until March or April.

Sure, the outdoorsy, I-love-winter folk are all like, “What’s wrong with you?” ‘Cause they’re already waxing their snowboards, sharpening their skates and fine-tuning their toboggans, sleds and, in some cases, old cafeteria trays for hill-sliding season.

And other people who decide to take winter trips south for some warmth are probably thinking I should do the same.

But I don’t do outdoor athletics. And I don’t have the money some people do, to take yearly Caribbean vacations.

If I could sleep until the first sign of spring, I could bypass the 125 days of potential grumpiness … the layering turtlenecks, fleecies, boots and thick socks to keep out the cold … the lack of decent sunlight … and the constant shivering. OH, THE SHIVERING.

It’s not fair that the animals that hibernate get all the sleep. I don’t know about anyone else, but I know I’d be WAY happier and have way more get-up-and-go after 5 months of decent sleep.

So my random question of the week is:

If you were given the option to hibernate through winter … would you take it?

Think about it, especially with this crap weather we’re having.


One thought on “Ah, Winter … And A Random Question

  1. Tanya says:

    I would love to. But I probably wouldn’t. Imagine what you’d miss if you hibernated and the rest of the world wouldn’t? Mind you, if everyone did, I would. Oh, wait. That sounds so lame!

    I hate winter and would probably move to a warmer climate if I had a job, a decent house and school for the kids. So in other words, I’m stuck here.

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