What’s The Deal With Tasering?

What in the sweet hell is going on these days with police and Taser guns?!

First there was the death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski at the Vancouver airport last month.

Five days later, a Montreal man died after an incident which involved him being zapped with a Taser (on the same day as Mr. Dziekanski, no less). At the time, he was being arrested for drunken driving and, according to the report I read, he became aggressive while being questioned at the police station, forcing officers to bring out the stun gun.

This past Thursday, an inmate died in a Dartmouth, Nova Scotia prison, after an incident in which police used the stun gun to subdue him. His widow said he was an aggressive psychotic who was off his medications when the altercation took place. A probe has been started, but it could take up to a year to find out what actually happened.

And NOW a man in British Columbia has died of his injuries, five days after police used a Taser, pepper spray and batons. Reports say the man was acting erratically in a store, and became agitated and combative with officers when they tried to deal with him. A probe has also been launched in this case.

I’m not a law enforcement expert, just your average citizen.

I understand there are potentially dangerous siutations where police officers hold the valid belief their safety’s at risk, so they do what they feel is necessary. 

But you’re trying to tell me that using x-amount of kilovolts of electric current on a person isn’t effective in subduing them?

‘Cause I think if I were shocked with one of those things, I would probably soil myself and become paralyzed with pain, at the absolute least.

It’s probably just me … but does anyone else think some police officials believe, because have the right to use those things, it gives them a licence to be even more violent with people they’re trying to restrain and subdue?

‘Cause in all these cases, all I’m reading from this is, in addition to using the devices, they’re stepping on necks, using batons, pepper spray, etc. And usually it’s a more than one officer dealing with ONE person. 

Perhaps I’m terribly mistaken, but to me this seems excessive.

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