Flickr Update …

So, with Thanksgiving done like dinner (wah-waaaah), I’m still madly loading up pictures from my Spain trip.

Unlike my friends with The Facebook, you can now actually see almost all my pictures in their entirety via Flickr. (If you have an account and I haven’t already added you to my contacts, lemme know and I’ll add you pronto 🙂 !)

My Barcelona and Valencia pictures are all up there now; I’m still working on Granada, and I still have Sevilla (Seville) and Madrid left. So enjoy!

(One thing I don’t understand about Flickr: the pictures that are my favourite get no views at all, but the mundane ones – like the one of the Sagrada Familia with all the construction cranes in the background – get double-digit viewings. That picture got 13 views. Thirteen?! I don’t understand. But then again, I’m not a photo buff like a lot of people on there with their state-of-the-art, high-tech equipment. I’m just Jane Schmoe with her vacation pictures on display. But enough digressing.)

Update: All Spain pictures are officially up. Enjoy!


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