Happy Long Weekend!

Just wanted to wish all of you folks a happy Thanksgiving long weekend! Enjoy the turkey/tofurkey/pot-roast/fall chicken and take advantage of the last long weekend we all get before Christimas.

For those of you that have to work, I’m so sorry. I’ll try not to rub it in too much :). What I will do instead is try to think of something to post so you have something to read about.

I’ll also try and post my pictures from my trip to Spain via Flickr so that you can see them.

(Although I just found out that for months and months I’ve had a free Flickr Pro Account which is going to expire in just under a week, leaving me with the free account that only lets me have three photosets, which I thought I had in the first place. Hmph. Hopefully it’ll let me keep whatever I’ve posted. I’ve got a LOT of old pictures to upload …)


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