Let’s End July With …


BEIJING (AFP) – One of the world’s hairiest men Yu Zhenhuan, a rock singer who calls himself “King Kong,” has launched a campaign to run in next year’s Olympic torch relay, Xinhua news agency said Tuesday.The hirsute Yu, from the northeastern province of Liaoning, says he is a perfect candidate.

“The Olympics belong to everyone — those with abnormalities included,” Yu was quoted as saying.

“First I am a celebrity, inside and outside of China and secondly, I think my experience in coping with a disfigurement ties in with the notion of Olympic spirit.”

With hair covering 96 percent of his body, Yu is pipped in the Guiness Book of Records by two Mexican brothers dubbed the world’s hairiest with 98 percent coverage.

His torch relay bid is backed by Olympic champion Xing Aowei, who won a gymnastics gold medal at the Sydney Games in 2000.

“In him, I see the perseverance and bravery of the Chinese people,” Xing told Xinhua. “I will help him with publicity and give him some ideas.”

The Beijing Olympic organizing committee said Yu was welcome to apply.

“But it is hard to assess his chances, as the recruitment is open to everyone,” a spokesman was quoted as saying.

The Beijing Olympics torch relay will pass through 135 cities and cover 137,000 kilometres (85,000 miles) in its 130-day journey around the world, much if it by plane, and through mainland China.

A total of 21,880 people are being recruited as torch bearers for the China leg.

If this guy is picked, I hope he knows to wear something flame retardant when he’s running. Burnt hair stiiinks.

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