Le Sigh, Part Deux

Yes there’s more, if you’ve read the post below.

If you haven’t read it, scroll down one first.

Okay. So, I got invited to Real Nice Guy’s party and The Twinge came back. Hoo, boy. What awkward timing.

So my friend (Birthday Girl #1, Real Nice Guy’s close friend … not Birthday Girl # 2, who went out with him) and I went to the party. It was good, but kinda weird. I didn’t really know anyone there – there’s an age gap – and I tried my best to talk to people here and there where I could.

We did talk here and there, though not very long. I was just trying NOT to act like a complete goof.

Then Birthday Girl # 1′ s boyfriend came over, and they hung out for a bit.

Then it was time to go. I thought it would be a bit like the last time.

I went to say goodbye, and then he decided he wanted to try and dance with me. I’m horrible with dancing that involves another person’s hands, feet and coordinated steps. I tried, awkwardly, and laughed, a bit embarrassed.

After we hugged and said our goodbyes.

And that’s where things stand. He’s right now somewhere in southern Africa, and by the time he returns, I’ll be over in Spain. So I probably won’t see him until September.

And by then, it could be a completely new ballgame.

I just hope when I return I get a chance to play the field, instead of riding the bench like I normally do.

2 thoughts on “Le Sigh, Part Deux

  1. D.C. says:

    I’m five years older than he is. Which makes it kinda weird, but I’ve been a bit more comfortable with it as time goes on.

    Nothing is progressing right now. He’s still overseas, and I’m about to jump the pond in a few days, so I probably won’t see him until Sept.

    But now there’s this other guy that’s a friend of another friend of mine … I wouldn’t say I’m interested in him. But he seems to be a nice guy from the couple times I’ve met him … and (I hate to be shallow) but he’s got a NICE body. And we’re closer in age (he’s a few years older, I think).

    But look at me … I’m talking about two guys, and I’m not even close to having either one.

    (Although if I *were* close, I don’t know what I would do…)

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