Wedding Season

Until about five or six years ago, I’d never been to a wedding in my entire life.This year, I might be making up for that. It seems like 2007 is the year a lot of my friends are taking the plunge and tying the knot. At last mental count, I think there are about eight weddings that I know of, between now and the end of October.

Not that I’ve been invited to all of them or anything like that. But the air in my world has been pungent with talk of it. Some people are exchanging vows right here. Others are doing it overseas. There will be big ones … small ones … civil ones … religious ones … it’s dizzying.

It’s also one of those things that’s both a joyous occasion, but a sobering reminder of adulthood. With that single rite of passage, things change. People change a bit because life changes. (Okay, not an earth-shattering thought, I know. But in my mind, I still think I’m about 20 years old, with a few more pounds to my frame, bodily pains, and spider veins.)

But it should be fun. So far, I’ve got a wedding to go to in town here in July, which will be so much fun, I’m sure.

I also just got an invite for a wedding at the beginning of August. In Dubai. I’m still mulling it over (since my official vacation is in the middle of August).

But just being part of one of the most important days in my friends’ lives is really all that matters to me. If I’m invited and can make it, I’m definitely there.

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