"Your Mama!"

The other day, my mom was talking to my brother, who was at work.

He mentioned how his co-worker – who I’ll call “M” – had this habit of responding to a lot of what my brother would say to her with, “Your mama.”

If you’re under the age of 40, you automatically get the reference – and whatever jokes come along with it.

But my mom didn’t really get it, and was intrigued.

She said, “I don’t understand. What do you mean, ‘your mama’?”

From the way my brother explained it, it didn’t matter what he said, or didn’t say. He could be rounding a corner, and run into his co-worker, and the first thing she would say is, “Your mama!” No provocation. No nuttin’.

My mom said something to the effect of, ‘Oh, really? Tell her thanks for thinking of me!”

My brother said, “I’m not telling her that!” And apparently she was sitting nearby.

The story could end there. But not just yet.

Next week my mom is going to send “M” a card.

You think I’m kidding? I’m dead serious. It’s got a picture of a robin red-breast perched on a branch, watching over a nest of sky blue eggs. I guess that’s supposed to symbolize a mother fiercely watching over her brood.

And, as the official proofreader, I got an advance copy of what “M” will be reading when she opens said card:

Dear M,


I bet you are surprised hearing from me. I heard you speak of me often. So I just want to thank you for keeping me on the forefront, so _________ doesn’t get a chance of forgetting about me.

Thanks a lot. Now I feel like I know you. I like a good joke and this is purely in jest – so have a great day.

—– ‘s “Mama”

Kids, this is why you should never engage in flagrant overuse of the phrase, “Your mama”.

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