Luck Be A Lady Today ….

I do believe that today is the first Friday the 13th of the year! Yay!

I dunno. I don’t believe bad – or even freaky – things happen on days like this.

Rather, I’d like to think that the complete opposite happens. Then usually, either good things DO happen … OR the defiantly good vibes I try to send out cancel out whatever perceived bad luck might happen. Which might just amount to a mediocre day.

But whatever. It’s Friday the 13th! If a black cat crosses your path, go ahead – look it dead in the eye.

Spill some salt? Don’t toss it over your shoulder! Clean it up like an adult!

See a ladder? Saunter under it … well, only if no one’s on it. That’s got danger potential all over it.

Okay I’d better stop now – it’s late, and I’m running on peanut-M&M-auto-pilot.

Have a good day. And just tell the bad luck to suck it.

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