Maybe I spoke too hastily and Friday the 13th is, in fact, telling me to suck it.

So it seems the hospital wasn’t dragging its heels in diagnosing my MRI results.

As it turns out, they did send out the results by auto fax.


I found out this interesting tidbit after calling the nurse at my doctor’s office on Wednesday to see if she made any headway.

She called back Thursday. When I returned her call, she said she had problems navigating the phone system, and then when she got a human being, they told her the results weren’t ready.

Since I’m already in the process of harrassing people by phone, I offered to add to the deluge of calls to see if I could make some progress.

So I called first thing this morning. I think I pressed three touchtone buttons on the automated phone system and got to a human voice within a minute of calling.

And that’s when I found out.

The lady on the other line was quite nice and offered to fax another copy to make sure they got it.

So I immediately called the doctor’s office to tell them of the impending fax. I think they dug up one of the previous copies faxed to their office, because the receptionist on the other end (not the usual one I deal with) said, “Oh, here it is!”

I told her to make sure the nurse gets it, and hopefully the doctor will see it sometime next week (when she feels like it, is what I’m guessing).

Even after all this, I still don’t know what the results are yet.

It’s great to know that incompetents are contributing to the decline of my health, instead of helping me seek treatment, like MOST OTHER DOCTORS do for their patients.

And my problem isn’t even that bad.


UPDATE: So, the Coles Notes version of my results … According to what the nurse told me (not the same one as before), I’ve basically got a pinched nerve, plus something called “degenerative bone disease”, which people apparently get as they age (but I’m willing to bet someone’s going to tell me I’ve just got it earlier than most people). I really don’t think that’s the whole story. But whether I get it is another tale entirely.

2 thoughts on “Grrrrrrr!!!!

  1. D.C. says:

    It was for a lower back injury i suffered when playing a softball game back in August 2004. I’m relatively much better, but i’ve been suffering constant discomfort ever since … i did get an answer – kinda – but I’ll post an update when i get a chance.

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