MRI Watch, Week 4

So, I’m approaching week 4 and – zip.

Zero. Zilch. Nada. And all I got was a phone call to prove what I’ve been finding out: medical institutions are sloooow.

Today, my mom got a call from the nurse at the doctor’s office, asking me to phone her.

I didn’t phone back right away. Considering how long they’ve been letting me wait and wait for results that shouldn’t have taken that long AT ALL, I figured, I can wait a few more minutes.

Well, it seems like that was in vain. When I called her back, she said, “I was just calling because I didn’t understand your message … what was it you need again?”

So I explained to her – while mentally counting to 10 – that I was looking for my results. She said she’d look into it.

I don’t understand what’s taking the hospital so long to release the results. You’d think, being a 24-hour facility, they’d spit those things out pronto. This is totally unacceptable.

And so it continues…

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