Sweet Jesus…

So an art gallery in Manhattan had plans to exhibit this life-sized chocolate likeness of Jesus in the window of its art gallery for two hours each day during the Easter season, on Monday.

But guess what?

A Catholic organization – the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights – angrily boycotted the exhibit, called My Sweet Lord. According to a League press release, the artist had invited the public to visit the exhibit and take a bite out of the cocoa Saviour when the piece made its official debut at midnight on April 1.

And there also were plans in the works to boycott the hotel – which the Catholic League called “morally bankrupt” in a press release.

“The Roger Smith Hotel will rue the day it sought to declare war on Christian sensibilities”, said the press release published March 29.

In the end, the gallery scrapped the showing; the Catholic group dropped its planned boycott of the hotel, delighted they got what they wanted.

On top of that, the gallery’s artistic director, to protest the exhibit’s cancellation, has tendered his resignation.

Everyone’s entitled to their opinions and beliefs.

But just a sec. Is the offense here the fact that it’s a chocolate Jesus? Or the fact that it’s a naked chocolate Jesus? What if he had a little chocolate loincloth? Would the cries of indignation be as loud?

Or was it the fact that – if the press release reads true – the sculpture, on top of being naked and chocolate, was going to be possibly be eaten, mouthful by mouthful?

I can’t speak for the Son of God ever. But think about it: the holiest of men made out of (in my opinion) the holiest of foods?

If someone wanted to make a likeness of me out of chocolate, I wouldn’t stop them. I’d consider it the sincerest form of flattery.

I’m not sure about the whole anatomic correctness part … but a chocolate Loquacious D? A real one?

I’d probably eat my likeness if I saw it!

It could’ve been a lot worse. It could’ve been a Jesus made out of animal poop.

I’m just sayin’ .

4 thoughts on “Sweet Jesus…

  1. Rasslin' Cowgirl says:

    it does look kind of creepy but…. meh… people should spend more time getting upset about the real problems in the world that go against Jesus’s teachings, you know like bombing other countries, killing neighbours, etc…

  2. D.C. says:

    I totally agree Rasslin’ Cowgirl! You think with all the other battles, this would be low on the list of priorites …

    and PS – I could answer that question, but then I’d probably be setting myself up for a response I’m probably asking for 🙂 ….

  3. Rasslin' Cowgirl says:

    i’d think the church should be happy that anyone is paying attention to religion nowadays. look the gift horse in the mouth you know. after all, it’s like free PR. maybe if the church offered free chocolate more people would attend on Sundays

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