A Baby And A Dog

Sometime last night, I had yet ANOTHER dream …

I was living by myself, and had this baby I was taking care of – about three or four months old and really cute; she kind of looked like me, so I’m assuming she was mine …

But then there was this dog – a mutt, I think – and there was something wrong with one of its front legs, so it was limping.

And all I remember was running around, trying to find an after-hours animal hospital to seek help for this dog – and finally finding one – all while trying to remember to feed, take care of, and generally not neglect the baby.

Man, it’s times like these when I’m glad I don’t remember what I dream about most of the time. Weird.


4 thoughts on “A Baby And A Dog

  1. Karmic-Angel says:

    My analysis: You are multi-tasking to the extreme in your life, and your psyche is trying to tell you to cut back. OR you were kidnapped by aliens a last year, your eggs were harvested and now there is a half-alien half-Romulan child out there somewhere who really wants a pet doggy.

  2. AquariusDragon says:

    Dreaming of babies usually means something new is coming into your life. New job, new beginnings, new clothes… it’s endless. Not sure what dreaming of a dog means… maybe something to do with loyalty? Maybe a new loyal relationship?

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