The Strangest Dream, Night Two …

As if last night’s tiger dream wasn’t odd enough …

I really must not be getting enough sleep, because I had another weird dream last night.

I was a student again, and I was applying for some special prize or the other. On this particular day, there was some sort of special test.

I just remember entering the room, really pissed off about something – I don’t even know what. I nudge past this tall-ish man in a suit; I mean, I brushed past him and didn’t care.

And then I hear a voice say, “Excuse me, are you … ?” and he says my name.

I turn around, and it’s the tall man I just brushed past. He’s got kind of an English accent, and for some reason, he looks like he’s sweating. I look down at the bottle he was holding, which had a red label, and looked like it was full of water. It seems like, in brushing past him, I caused him to spill his drink.

I apologize profusely and jump to get him some serviettes.

Before I know it, the people are gathering for this test. As it turns out, Tall Man is one of the important people related to this test – he sits down at a small rectangular table of equally official-looking people. Great.

And there’s a long table, almost as if it’s set up for a panel discussion. This long table is apparently where the prize candidates doing this special test will be sitting.

We get our tests, and as we’re looking at them waiting to start, this girl on my left says to me, “Oh look – it’s like a library test. I did these back in high school.”

“Library test?” I asked.

“Yeah”, the girl replied. “Haven’t you ever done this before?” The guy on my right and I give each other an, “are you KIDDING me?” look, and mutter no.

Then the test starts. The official-looking people from before have disappeared. But the adjudicator looks like this woman who’s my assignment editor at work in real life.

Everyone else is scribbling, some furiously; i’m thinking about how to answer the question. I notice our test sheets are these tiny rectangular cards. I finally go to fill mine out and notice it doesn’t look like the others at all.

The adjudicator says, “Don’t spend too much time on it. Just get it done as fast as you can.”

Perplexed, I turn my card over and over, and finally ask for a new one.

But I notice that the adjudicator and I are the only ones left in the room. Everyone has up and left. But how on earth … did everyone finish and leave while I wasn’t looking?

And that’s all I remember from the dream. I dunno what this means? Am I being left behind in some respect in my life. Am I GOING to be left behind unless I do something? And if so, what am I supposed to be doing to prevent this?


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