Facebook = Freebase

In addition to reasons 59 and 59A as to why I’m a complete loser and have no willpower, I also now have a Facebook addiction.

I only set up my account last week. But I find myself checking my account to see who poked me, who’s written on my “wall”, oh, ALL THE TIME.

I’m afraid if someone had to monitor me as part of an experiment to see how many times I logged in a day, in addition to the average number of minutes that elapsed between logins, I’d be very, very afraid.

I’m getting the distinct feeling I’m going to be shopping around for a rehab program by the end of next week.

Or get myself into major trouble.

Hoo, boy.

2 thoughts on “Facebook = Freebase

  1. D.C. says:

    What? You don’t know about Facebook? Only the newest networking site since, I dunno, MySpace or Friendster.

    Originally a lot of younger folks were using it, but I’ve been noticing so many people around our age getting on it. It’s kinda fun -and you come across people who you went to school with, or lost touch with over the years. Not bad.

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