My 100th Post! (Or, Why I’m an iPoodle-In-Training)

So, just when I thought I had my social-networking-Web site-management problem under control …

My friend Lori goes and introduces me to Facebook.

I’m already on Friendster because of one friend, who’s NEVER on when I am. And I should’ve just said, “No. Nope. Last time I took up your offer of invite onto a social site, I never used it for months, and when I did, I discovered some 25-year-old was hitting on me.”

But, no. I couldn’t resist the power of online networking. The groups. Creating my profile … oh, the possibilities…

And here I am, about three days later, with my own Facebook profile, signed on to a network, plus three groups, “for fun”. Forget getting ANY work done in the afternoons. The temptation is too great.

At least the friends that I know on Facebook poke me when they’re online.

I like being poked.


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