Modified Speech: Poo-poos and Plop-plops

Poo-poo (poo-POO): Verb. 1. To express contempt about. 2. To reject with contempt.

(Source: WordWeb Online )

I didn’t think this was a new term, but apparently there are still people who haven’t heard it. When I was out with one of my friends for her brother’s birthday, we were just sitting there, shooting the stuff, and I forgot what I said, but I said “poo-poo” and she whipped her head around in surprise and asked, “Did you just say ‘poo-poo’ ? ”

“Yeah?” I said.

Man, was she happy. “See? I told you!” she said to her brother. Apparently he had never heard the term before and thought she’d made it up, making her a weirdo. I could now vouch for her. Besides her Grade 10 English teacher, that is.

Plop-plops (PLAWP-plawps): Action. What expired milk that has separated does when poured into a cup of coffee or tea by one who does not know aforesaid milk has gone off.

(Source: Loquacious D)

On a run to the coffee shop, my friend was telling me about the latest goings-on in her office, when, at the counter with all the milks, creams and sugars, she picked up a carton of milk and proceeded to pour it into her tea.

Instead pouring with ease into her cup, the milk gave her a little surprise. Plop-plop-plop-plop. Disgusting. I wrinkled my nose.

My friend said, “That’s gross. I’m taking this and telling them their milk’s gone bad.”

“Yeah,” I said. “Looks like you got a case of the plop-plops.”

“Did you just say ‘plop-plops’?” She said, half-laughing.

Yes. Yes I did.


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