"I can’t get it out of my head!"

Ever had a song in your head – maybe from your past, maybe you heard it somewhere – only you, for the life of you either don’t remember the name of the song? Or the group? Or simply know that you’ve heard it somewhere before?

And then it’s stuck in your head semi-permanently, driving you absolutely nuts?

That happened to me twice in the last week. The first song, I heard over the holidays in, of all things, a liquor commercial. I thought, how classy is this song? I totally want to download it. I think I’ve heard it before as a sample somewhere

So off I go, look at the credits on the song it was sampled, then do a handy Google search. Nothing. I try again. Still no dice. I kept watching for the commercial on TV. Vanished. How convenient.

I kept Googling and watching until one day by complete accident, I finally Googled the right combination of words and presto! I found it. And in the process, developed a crush on an 84-year-old Peruvian lady named Yma Sumac.

The second song got stuck in my head last week. I was looking for old skool songs I used to hear when I was younger – and now at the occasional Amnesia party – and had this ONE SONG lodged in my brain. I never knew the name of the band. And whenever I tried to search for it online, I’d just get hits for links to Christian sites.

Well, it got worse. I’d hear the song in my brain before my head hit the pillow at night and when I’d get up. Between that, and something I think I read once that in some people, hearing a song over and over in your head is the possible onset of an aneurysm, I was a tad spooked.

FINALLY two days ago, after Googling … and Googling … and Googling … I found the song. I got the name of the band (which is seared in my brain for the recent future).

I really hope that doesn’t happen again soon. I don’t think the part of my brain responsible for all that torture can take any more.


2 thoughts on “"I can’t get it out of my head!"

  1. Cinders says:

    I hope hearing the same song over and over in your head isn’t ‘the possible onset of an aneurysm’, because I should probably have died by now then! I always hear songs over and over in my head. Especially when I’m trying to sleep. Some songs just keep me up for hours on end and they drive me nuts! It’s the worst when it’s a song you hate! And it’s always just ONE line! AUGH!

    Usually, at some point, I turn on my ipod and listen to something completely different…But that still doesn’t help me sleep. Poor insomniac little me…

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