The Colour of Christmas in Toronto …

… appears to be green this year.

Not like it’s the first time we’ve ever had a snow-less Christmas or anything, but with a few days to go and the worst thing we’ve had lately being a thin layer of frost in the morning, it’s kind of … well … odd.

I mean, Ottawa’s got snow. There’s snow to the west of Ontario. Heck, I’m sure there’s even been snow in northern Ontario (you can prove me wrong if you want. I probably am).

But all this rain – which I guess, had it been cold enough, would have been snow – is a bit much to take, even if I still think anything’s better than snow.

I guess this is typically what winter in Vancouver is like? Although even their weather has been a bit extreme.

Either way, it’s weird to be hearing songs about dreaming of a white Christmas or sleigh bells in the snow when there’s no white snow to speak of.

3 thoughts on “The Colour of Christmas in Toronto …

  1. BEE says:

    Welcome to Christmas in England! Christmas Day here was grey no rain, although we have had plenty of rain all Christmas Week! We have had one white xmas in my memory, last year in fact! I had to experience it in Canada for a real white xmas!

    Hope you had a good xmas Diane! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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