Just Call Me an Old Friendster

Last week, while out at Sunday lunch with friends, we got to talking about social networking sites and whether we’d used them.

My friend’s boyfriend said he really didn’t see a use for them – the only time he interacted with other people was for gaming purposes. My friend doesn’t really have time – she’s so busy – and so understandably, she said she just wasn’t really into it. A third friend shook her head – she really wasn’t into it that much. But my other friend mentioned that she’s on Friendster. She asked me if I had a Friendster account.

I said no. I also explained that I had been on a networking site before – invited by another friend of mine long ago – but she was never on. In fact, whenever I did log on, NONE of my friends that had accounts used them. So I eventually got bored. And the last time I logged on, I was getting unwanted e-mails from some 25-year-old who had pictures of girls in all sorts of sexy, come-hither poses on his network list. In fact, pretty much everyone listed on his network list were girls in all sorts of sexy, come-hither poses. So I hit the delete button.

A couple months ago, a friend I met through work sent out a, “Hey, I got a MySpace account! Come sign up and visit me!” only to – after I’d created an account, even though I’d never had the urge to have one – find out she’d deleted hers about a week later because she’d been getting unwanted e-mail from someone. (Actually, in between writing this post, I finally got around to deleting my account … like, literally, eight or nine minutes ago.)

So, then my friend said, “You should join.” And as of about four days ago, I’m the brand-new owner of a Friendster profile page. So a logical question might be, why on earth – given my past experiences with social networking sites – would I sign up for yet another one?

And I say, why not? Yeah, consider me a REALLY late-latecomer to Friendster, the original network that’s been out for years, but it’s all fun. Can’t hurt, right?

And if any of you that I’m friends with happens to be on Friendster, look me up. I’m looking to expand my network.

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