Not Too Shabby, Mr. Bond

So last weekend, a friend and I decided to go see the newly-released latest installment of the James Bond series, Casino Royale.

From the moment he was picked, we’d all been hearing about whether Daniel Craig would be up to snuff, having to fill the shoes of previous Bonds such as Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton and his predecessor, Pierce Brosnan. I actually didn’t really care all that much, having never really seen an entire Bond movie from beginning to end.

Until now.

Before going to see the film, I hadn’t heard a single bad thing about this movie, considering how cheesy the franchise can be. But now I see why.

I actually really enjoyed it, for what it was. I thought it was pretty sleek, and the stunts impressed me quite a bit.

Daniel Craig did a really good job in this, considering he’s a bit of a thug for most of the movie. But it was nice seeing a flick like this with no crazy gadgets, and a bit of character development. I know a number of women were going to see this movie because they thought he was hot.

Personally, I wasn’t as drawn to his looks so much as I was to his athleticism. Dang! It’s tiring just to see this guy run! Makes me want to go to the gym to work on my fitness.

Here’s what interests me about this whole Bond thing now. So Casino Royale was a re-make … and from what I hear, every single movie in the Ian Fleming series has now been captured on film. So what happens now? If it’s decided that Mr. Craig has done good and should make another Bond film, do they write a movie script from scratch? I would think that the allure of the films would be that they were based on books. How would an independent script sell?

In any case, I’ve gotta say it was four hi-fives out of five for this one. If someone like me likes this movie, then it’s got something for everyone who likes a good action flick.

One thought on “Not Too Shabby, Mr. Bond

  1. Bee says:

    Went to see it yesterday!! I enjoyed it, unlike you I have seen most Bond movies, although never watched a Brosnan Bond movie!! I was impressed with his running too! Unlike you I also thought he was hot!! After watching the film!!

    I saw an interview with him over here!! He actually comes across as quite boring!!

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