Wanted: Patron Saint

So today’s November first. All Saints’ Day. Or as I’d like to call today, All Sucks Day.

The way things went today, you’d think a couple of those saints gave me the equivalent of the back of someone’s hand – thwap! – across my face.

This day has had to be one of the crummiest I’ve had in a while. I don’t remember the last time I was this stressed out about the amount of work I’ve had to do. It was overwhelming. The work and the demands just seemed relentless. It just felt as if the work would never end.

I’ve heard the saying that your “in” box is never empty. But mine just seemed like there was a mountain of stuff that keeps getting bigger and bigger, no matter how I try to pick away at it.

And the last straw was when someone asked me to help set something up, about two minutes before it was scheduled to happen. And of course, I missed it. It was the final straw. I think I had my own mini-meltdown. I was so upset, I couldn’t speak. I bolted from my desk, went outside for some fresh air. That worked for about 20 minutes. Then I was back and forth from the bathroom, blowing my nose and trying to splash my eyes with water to try and clear up the redness from tears constantly welling up. My friend kept trying to ask me if things were okay.

(Note: if you see me upset and not talking, do NOT try to talk to me. It only makes things worse. Just keep your distance.)

I finally kind of sucked it up and muddled through the rest of the day. I’m so glad I never have to do this day again.

I wonder if they have a patron saint out there for frustrated folks who feel like underdogs, like they’ll never get what they’ve been trying to patiently wait for.

‘Cause I think I need a visit by whomever that is, and badly.


One thought on “Wanted: Patron Saint

  1. Cindy says:

    Hope you’re feeling better. You should have just said you were sick and gone home! Things are sometimes better when you wake up in the morning…

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