Summer Movie Quota: Filled

Yes folks, just like I said I would, I got in my serving of summer blockbusters, just in time for

On Canada Day weekend, I saw Nacho Libre. Yes, I admit – it was a wee bit silly and probably not all that funny. But c’mon – Jack Black. With a man-perm. In stretchy white polyester pants. Enough said. And – spoiler! not really – I thought that song he sang for the nun before his big fight was a nice touch.

AND there was also the brief appearance of Peter Stormare, a.k.a Abruzzi from my favourite show, Prison Break, as the Gypsy Emperor. I need not say anything else.

A couple weeks ago, I went to go see The Devil Wears Prada (which I’d never read). I was pleasantly surprised. It was GOOD. I’m not normally a chick-flick kind of person, but seriously? Who can’t relate to having a job where they’ve worked for someone they don’t feel like they can ever impress with their hard work?

Yes, some of it was exaggerated (loved the one-upmanship with the whole Harry Potter manuscript incident – it was on like Donkey Kong!), but that’s the beauty of fiction. This was a book that actually works as a movie. And plus, I was seduced by all the clothes and sleek movie cinematography. For about a nanosecond, I wanted to live in New York and work for a fashion magazine. Then I shook my head a couple times and my Pepsi-induced haze cleared.

And last night, I stopped the straggling and went with my friend Patty to see the second installment of Pirates of the Caribbean. Dead Man’s Chest was – again, I’m biased – good, and that’s because I knew what I was getting going into the movie. I didn’t need to be challenged, and that was fine.

I do agree with my friend Kristy, who saw the movie before me – it was a bit on the longish side. The special effects were decent. And the white sand in some of those scenes. MAN! Wish I could take up residence somewhere like that, like, right now. But I can’t wait to see the third one and see how it all comes together. Plus I hear Keith Richards is going to be in the movie (not a spoiler, common knowledge!), and nothing entertains me more than seeing the Original Arthritic Cockroach in action. Heh.

I did sneak another movie in there, but it wasn’t one of the overhyped ones. If I do see anything else before I go on vacation, or before the Film Festival in September, I don’t think it’ll be anything above the calibre of, say, John Tucker Must Die or My Super Ex-Girlfriend. A girl needs to flush the junk through her system to make way for the good stuff.

Onwards, theatre-goers!

2 thoughts on “Summer Movie Quota: Filled

  1. AquariusDragon says:

    You’ll have to come over at some point… to watch some movies. You know which ones I’m talking about!

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