The Broken Camera Chronicles – Done, for now …

So, my battle for a camera that works has ended. For the moment, anyway.

Prior to last week, I hadn’t called Best Buy in about two to three weeks, as I was busy with other things. I decided to check in on what is now my least favourite electronics store to find out what lies they were going to tell me this time.

On Tuesday, I called Best Buy to check on whether my camera had returned. Keep in mind, I dropped it off for repairs on May 8th. The guy from Geek Squad said he’d check on the status and would call me back.

Went to the gym and came out close to 7 p.m. No call. Took the subway, then the rapid transit into Scarborough. Still, no call. That’s it, I said. I’m near the Best Buy, I might as well trudge over there. So trudge, I did. Waited in the customer service line in my gym clothes and my big hobo backpack. Got up to the counter and told the guy I was checking up on my broken camera, and someone had called me but I hadn’t heard from him. The guy said he’d go and check.

Unbeknownst to me, the first guy from earlier called me, leaving a message that my camera was still “in repair”. This was completely different from the “in transit” I got from the previous guy about three weeks ago. I happened to check my phone about three minutes after he called. Where in the store he was calling from, I still don’t know.

The second guy (presently) helping me returned to tell me the camera’s status was “in transit”. I said, “Well, funny you should mention that, because your colleague who’d called me earlier just called my cell to tell me it’s still in repair, which is contradictory to what you’re telling me.” The guy said he’d go in the back and check, just to make sure.

To fast-forward this story, because Best Buy had my camera over 60 days (63 at that time, to be exact), they had to exchange it for a brand-new camera. Of course, I could only get the equivalent, since my camera (a) was only 4 megapixels (and the new ones are at least 6 megapixels now ) and (b) it had depreciated in value over the last year – $100, to be exact. And the Best Buy extended warranty was used to “pay” for the new camera.

I opted not to get one for my new camera, because it’s a waste of money.

So I got my new camera on Thursday, which I guess means BB and I are even. I’ll ride out the warranty that comes with the camera, until I have to get a new one. Then I’m going to go to Henry’s. Where they KNOW what they’re doing.

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