Secret Punctuation Militia?

I was working out at the gym yesterday when I saw these two girls working out nearby. Probably sisters or friends who just looked alike.

The weird thing? One of them had a question mark tattooed on her left upper arm. The other girl, I could’ve sworn, had a semi-colon — this thing: ” ; ” — tatted on her right bicep.

You know, I also read Eats, Shoots & Leaves. I thought it was a fabulous book. But seriously? It didn’t make me want to permanently etch a comma on one wrist and a full stop on the other.

Don’t usually people get some kind of cool script or symbolic image? Maybe I’m not hip to the jive. Or … maybe they’re part of some sort of covert punctuation military order.

Somewhere, I’m sure there’s someone with a tattoo of an exclamation point on her forearm waiting to beat me up.

One thought on “Secret Punctuation Militia?

  1. What Does It Matter Anyways? says:

    Yo Diane… I happen to have some of that punctal tattooing on my fabulous bod. but since you won’t see my movie, well, I’m not going to tell you where it is.

    Leonardo Da Vinci

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